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PY04 - Python Scripting for Security Professionals

PY04 - Python Scripting for Security Professionals


In this training, you will learn to create robust, reliable, and reusable Python scripts, and gain an advanced understanding of the various libraries and frameworks.

Learn to create scripts to perform forensic analysis and investigations, extract metadata and investigate forensic artifacts and get proficient at the art of assessing vulnerabilities by conducting effective penetration testing with the help of Python. 

If you are a Security Professional, you can gain insight into specific language features in a particular context.

Course level: (beginner, intermediate)

  • Good Knowledge of fundamental programming concepts.
  • Basic knowledge in Digital Forensics
  • Basic Knowledge in Penetration Testing

    Format: eLearning

    Language: Spanish

    Course Content

    Module 1: Python Scripting Fundamentals

    1.1 Introduction to Python Scripting

    1.2 Python language Fundamentals

    1.3 Object Oriented Programming

    1.4 Libraries and Network Sockets

    Module 2: Python Scripting for Security

    2.1 Encrypting and Decrypting Data

    2.2 Analyzing files and URLs with Virus Total

    2.3 Searching Internet Connected Devices with Shodan

    2.4 Writing Python transforms for Maltego

    Module 3: Penetration Testing with Python

    3.1 Scanning and Fingerprinting

    3.2 Pentesting Networks

    3.3 Pentesting OS and Aplications

    3.4 Exploiting Vulnerabilities with Metasploit

    Module 4: Digital Forensics Forensics with Python

    4.1 Network Forensics

    4.2 OS Forensics

    4.3 Memory Forensics

    4.4 Mobile and Virtual Forensics